Hello everyone and welcome to SLC VIP. As a valued SLC member, you have been selected for some exclusive perks. They are as follows:


1) The option to order prints to have in hand/in transit before an active round ends or for a round that has yet to open.

2) There will not be a purchase limit.

3) The prints will be at retail pricing.

4) Because this is a perk to get prints early, no additional discounts are available.

How do you order?

I will post an album for an upcoming round in the SLC VIP group. At times strikes may be in hand and photographed. At other times they will be watermarked photos.

If my strikes are on hand, I will auction some in the group (like I usually do) and send them to my strike off team.


However, you will either get your order prior to the round closing or it will be in transit. My plan is to open the round when I get a shipping notification for your order. That way cutting and shipping will be done prior to it closing. This would not be relevant for rounds that may give you the option to order ahead a month or so before opening.

The access code will be different for each round. Therefore you will need to be an active member of the VIP group to obtain the code. I will set a certain amount of time for you to order. That way I can close your submissions and place your order with my printer.

Thank you so much everyone.

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