terms of sale & FAQs

Sky Love Creations’ customs prints can be either digitally or screen printed in 95% cotton and 5% spandex ranging from 210-260 gsm. Specific details will be noted for each round. Width ranges from 55-60”. Any length cut over 36” is considered free for the customer to allot for any transit shrinkage that may arise. Our fabrics are confirmed by our supplier to utilize eco-friendly, enviromental and safe dyes.

Custom fabric pre-orders are printed overseas and can take 4-16 weeks to arrive to host after a round closes and another 1-2 weeks to cut and ship to the customer. Rounds will close once MOQs are met. Shipping delays may arise that is beyond Sky Love Creations’ control and we cannot be held liable for such delays. Invoices need to be paid within 72 hours to prevent your order from being dropped and picked up by another customer. Regular updates will be noted on our Face book page.  Retail orders will ship between 1-10 business days.

Please do not order if you are uncomfortable with the shipping dates
We are not responsible for the usage of our prints after purchase.  Please purchase at your discretion.



Edited Rates for 2019: based on cotton lycra orders

*cotton woven and swim will allow me to ship a little more in your package

*minky and french terry orders may require an additional shipping invoice once the order is processed

**Double sided minky is much thicker than the rest and may require an additional shipping invoice once the order is processed. For example, a child topper can fit in a pfre but an adult topper will need to ship in a mfrb.

For packaging purposes: 6 child panels CL=1 yard and 2 adult panels CL =1 yard

Shipping Prices USA

6 child panels CL or 2 adult panels CL or 1 yard CL or 1 yard CW - $6.75 First Class Uninsured

1-3 yards - $8.50 in a Padded Flat Rate Envelope/SFRB

4-6 yards - $14.00 in a Medium Flat Rate Box

7-10 yards - $19 in a Large Flat Rate Box

Shipping Prices Canada

1-3 yards - $28.25 in a Small Flat Rate Box/Envelope (max of 4 lbs)

4-6 yards - $52.00 in a Medium Flat Rate Box (max of 20 lbs)

7-10 yards - $67.00 in a Large Flat Rate Box Shipping Prices (max of 20 lbs)

Shipping Prices for Australia

1-3 yards- $36.80 in a Padded flat rate envelope

4-6 yards - $81.50 in a Medium Flat Rate Box

7-10 yards - $104.00 in a Large Flat Rate Box Shipping Prices

Uk/France: TBA

1-3 yards - in a Small Flat Rate Box/Envelope (max of 4 lbs) 4-6 yards - in a Medium Flat Rate Box (max of 20 lbs) 7-10 yards - in a Large Flat Rate Box (max of 20 lbs)

Other international

You will receive a shipping invoice prior to delivery

For other international orders over 10 yards you will be invoiced once the fabric is on hand (minus the cost of a LFRB--to off set your final invoice) with the host to ensure proper shipping methods and pricing. Also additional insurance is offered and payable by the customer which may involve a separate invoice or gifting to host. When purchasing from the shop, customers are responsible for paying a separate shipping invoice if the incorrect shipping method was chosen or if ordering more than 10 yards. Thank you.***

International will be invoiced for the max Priority rate for yardage ordered and the rest will be invoiced after the fabric arrives. International orders over $100 will receive a $5 shipping credit. International orders over $200 will receive a $10 shipping credit. International orders $300 and up will receive a $20 shipping credit. The discount is applied with the invoice’s pre-shipping total. I will refund it when reviewing orders.

Thank you for your purchase everyone.



Although custom duties are configured into the fabric purchase price, they are however estimates.  In purchasing pre-order fabrics you understand that in the event custom duties are due, all buyers are responsible for their equally divided portion of the amount due.  The fabric will not ship until the duties are paid. 


Fabric flaws may occur in custom printing. Flaws can be found along the selvage up to 4”. Small specks in the fabric can be common due to the production process. Any flaws that can be covered by the size of a quarter may arise. Customer refunds or discounts will not be awarded in such cases. If you are not ok with this, please do not order. If the flaw occurs throughout the print, then a proper refund or discount will be given. Differences in color can arise slightly from a photograph to a live print, please be advised that this can occur. Please communicate and provide proof of the flaws within 72 hours from receipt of the fabric(s) in order to discuss resolutions. Sky Love Creations will gladly pay for return shipment upon proof of our error but also reserves the right to not compensate if this time frame has lapsed. ***OF NOTE if you have altered the fabric in any form, which includes washing or cutting when there is a flaw, the possibility of refunding or discounting your fabric has been voided***



Please follow up us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SkyLoveCreations/ for the latest updates.

Shipping date can also be found in paypal when utilizing that option.


**Sharing designs to promote sales is ok when Sky Love Creations’ watermark is present.  Please do not utilize the work at home mom (wahms) photos without their consent and proper crediting.  I have consent for to utilize these photos for Sky Love Creations.
**I understand that issues may arise and orders may need to be dropped from time to time. Please do so immediately prior to closing so I can open up the orders for others to purchase. If this becomes a pattern, you may be removed from the group. If any shipping fees or unpaid invoices are owed and not paid within 72 hours, your order will be considered abandoned and we will reimburse you your paid amount minus any PayPal fees/applicable taxes and a 50% stocking fee, as this is what you used to confirm the production order.
**PLEASE DO NOT ORDER PRE-ORDER FABRICS WITH RETAIL ORDERS, IF YOU DO SO, YOUR ORDER WILL RISK CANCELLATION. This will cause us less confusion in shipping costs and methods, thank you. We will offer through our Face Book page from time to time a flash sale in which invoicing can either be done directly by us or we will place it in the store. Please refer to the Face book page for further details when such events arise. Pre-order prices may vary depending on the fabric type and complexity of the design. Ready to Ship Prices will vary for our group’s customs. Wholesale fabrics will vary and be noted in the store. PayPal fees have already been included in the yardage pricing. There are no additional cutting fees. Please be aware that shipping fees will vary and may require separate invoicing or gifting of fees on a case by case basis.
Please refer to Sky Love Creations Terms of Sale and Group Rules for more details Prior to ordering Pre-Order Custom Prints.
Thank you for joining our Sky Love Creations family. We look forward to answering your questions and fostering your love for fabrics. Please feel free to tag or pm with a tag, an admin. with any questions or concerns. Please allow at least 48-72 hours for a response. If you do not receive a response within that time frame please re-tag us. We strive to respond in a timely manner but all members have households outside of the business that may prevent us from answering when you are on. Also due to different time zones and Mother Nature possibly affecting internet access, a delay may result.
Thank you and welcome to the Sky Love Creations' family.